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Watch your bank charges daily. We just received a 29.99 fee that shows up as "ESSEMTHFEE ".

Turns out this is an Auto Enrolled product that Flagship is now charging. When calling customer service to find out what this is, they immediately stop discussing it with you and instead refer you to an 855.929.9111 number for a company called Womply that tries to sell you their product. They are the ones who have to reverse your charge as Flagship will not reverse it . The Womply Rep says that all Flagship customers have 3rd party authorizations in their agreements, so WATCH OUT.

Poor Womply Rep is reversing charges like crazy. Hopefully they learn how to do a better job at pick merchant service companies to sell their products through

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagship Merchant Services Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I cannot get customer support on the phone to cancel my account. I have been on hold 30 minutes. Very frustrating.


I spoke to a Womply rep pretending to be from my Merchant Processing Co. and I told two reps that I was opting out.

But they didn't disenroll me and charged my account anyway. This should be illegal. Why isn't my Merchant Services Company requiring Womply to get opt-in documentation from this third party vendor?

Why is it legal for them to allow this company to deduct money from my account? This seems very wrong for my Credit Card processer to allow this to happen without my consent.


Womply and Flagship are crooks. this is the equivalent of bill slamming from cellular companies. I will get my money back in small claims court,


Same thing happened to me months after I canceled, crooks!


Really thankful for those that have caught this and reported it online. I saw three separate charges for this on my bank statements. It was fairly easy to opt out and get reimbursed, but rather annoying that they would sign their merchants up for the service without consent.


Absolutely HORRIBLE! I am on the phone fighting with them right now. I am leaving them.


I just realized I was hit for this 2 times in the month of November. Flagship has already lost me as a customer as of about 1 week ago for other issues with horrible customer service.

But I was pissed when I came across this and was told that they sent me an e-mail, between 60-90 days ago, according to them that they were moving all of their customers to "Essentials" to try the service free for 60 days, and if you don't respond to the e-mail telling them you don't want the service that you are agreeing to pay for that service.

I don't have an e-mail from them regarding this. I don't know if it went to spam or junk, which would have been deleted by now.

All I know is that if I ran my business this way and sent out an e-mail to all my customers and (if I had access to their bank accounts) started helping myself to their money because they failed to respond to an e-mail, received or not, I'd have a serious issue on my hand and likely be put out of business.

Thankfully, the essentials desk refunded my money without arguing, but still very annoying.


I have forwarded this to Flagship as well as the deceptive trade act department for the State of Texas. The question you all ned to be asking is how did they get your bank info if not from Flagship?

I have posed this question to Flagship but do not expect a reply as the wonderful customer service from the beginning of the account has become nonexistant.


Just tried calling the above number. It rings once and hangs up. Any other contact suggestions?


Same happened to me but I had previously used creditcardprocessing.com. I axed them after the charges they assessed were astronomical!

Supposedly they sent me mail about this, yeah right!

The Womply? agent was very nice and reversed the charges.