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On the 6th of August 2009 I opened a merchant services account with Stephen at Flagship Merchant Services company. I asked a many questions, but it came down to I was originally concerned that it would take several weeks to process an account and Stephen let me know they could process my application within a couple of hours to a day maximum.

Because the short time to process an account, I originally let Stephen know that I would contact him back with my application when I had some appointments. He told me five times because I asked three, but he offered first that the monthly charges would not begin until I ran my first real charge, but that he recommended that I process some test ones to ensure I knew how to run the charges over the internet. After he told me once, asked three additional times to make sure the monthly charges did not begin until in his words, "I ran my first charges." It was the only reason I signed a contract that day was because if it took me several months to six months to have clients of my own, that meant I wouldn't be wasting money that I didn't have due to be unemployed at the time.

I never ran a credit card through, but eight to nine months later I found that FirstData had been running monthly charges through my account. That was money I was desperate to put to other necessities like food, car note, rent and things of that nature while I had been trying to build a clientele. When I called in I was upset and I kept getting hung up on because I dared to request a manager immediately, but under the circumstances, I needed someone in management to stop the charges on my

account. Four days after starting to call, I finally got to a lady supervisor who listened to me and looked at the account. She said she would process a closure on the account.

The next month I had another charge through the account. I called back even more enraged, but couldn't get anyone at Flagship's Corporate offices due to refusal

by everyone. I finally received another manager who acknowledged the notes in the account and that it was supposed to be closed. She said she could not refund the last month's charges, but that she would close the account. She kept apologizing and referencing notes that showed and giving the manager's name who did say she would close the account. The next month there was another charge. Again I tried numerous times to contact Flagship Merchant Services senior management, but I was refused to contact them at all ends.

On the 6th of January 2009 I reached Geno who said there were no notes on the account that referenced the two supervisors that I gave him names, dates and times of my calls. He originally said he did not believe I called and spoke with them, but I scanned and emailed to him my phone bills showing the calls and the time I spent on each call even though his database showed I did not call into their customer support at all. Show I proved that I indeed did call and he did say that there was a supervisor by one of the two names I gave him. Geno asked if I had completed a FirstData Account Closure form and I told him, "No." He said that every supervisor knew the only

way to process an account closure was to complete the form and again he indicated that he did not believe I spoke with a supervisor, so I was enraged.

After a while Geno said he would process one of these forms for me and he emailed that form to me at 2:26PM (EST). I completed and emailed the form back to Geno and was notified by Geno that it was processed, but he finally said there would be one more monthly charge as a cancellation fee. I paid almost twelve monthly fees when none should have been processed and it was adding insult to the lies already perpetrated upon me, so when they pulled the fee, I refuted it with my bank explaining

what had happened in writing, the bank was happy to process the cancellation for me. I received collection calls one year past the ending of my account with Flagship Merchant Services from Transworld Debt Collections at 4000 E. 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43218 from Mr. Kamil who gave me to Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis refused to

answer my question, "are you an agent on behalf of Flagship Merchant Services or FirstData Corporation."

I explained that I sent on the 18th of January 2009 a Seize and Desist Letter to Flagship Merchant Services that encompassed them or any agent on behalf of them, but because Mr. Lewis refused to answer my question, I can only assume that Transworld is acting on the behalf of Flagship Merchant Services. I can neither speak with anyone in senior management for Flagship nor FirstData, both refuse to let me pass the customer service personnel. Please prevent this company from its fraudulent practices.

Thank you

Monetary Loss: $960.

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I am extremely displeased with the services I received from this company. Flagship Merchant Services does not operate at all like the representative stated to me before my enrollment a week ago.

Last Friday,when I called Customer support, I got bullied to the extreme from a representative called Joseph (Risk Department) who flat out refused to let me speak to any supervisor,when I asked to and later on in the conversation just hang up the phone on me. Today(Monday)I just found out that the above mentioned Joseph, closed my account without my permission on Friday after talking to me.He didn't have the decency,or/and the ethic to send me an email or to call to inform me about his decision.So my business was without payment means all weekend until today. When I called him today,he was very arrogant and condescending towards me and he bullied me anew. Also he informed me that according to my contract he can close my account without stating any reason.

He wouldn't explain anything to me and threaten to hang up the phone. Furthermore he informed me that the funds of the two(2) transactions ($approximately $1700) that were made from my business through this company within that week membership, will be held up to 90 days for "security purposes". He would not explain further. I tried to call a supervisor or/and manager without success, but was always directed back to that representative: Joseph.

Today has been 2 and a half weeks and I still do not have my funds and I still did not receive no call, no emails from Flagship Merchant Services. My business has a legal umbrella along with business insurance, and I am going to look for legal counsel because of unfair practices and loss of gain.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, as they are a bunch of scam artists that will sit on your money for ever and treat you like garbage.This is by far the worst customer service I ever experimented. Believe me no one show have to deal with such rude,disrespectful,dishonest people.